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On a road trip, there are places you come across on your way somewhere. Indeed, that’s part of why OHO exists – so you can find good stuff on the way to where you’re going. Then there are places that you take a road trip to get to. They are the destination.

Gladioli in Inverleigh is a destination. It’s food experiences like those crafted by Tobin Kent, in this sleepy highway town, that make you want to drive around Victoria on a quest. Awarded two Chefs Hats in the 2015/16 Age Good Food Guide, Gladioli is helping turn what was already one of Victoria’s best food-production regions into one of Victoria’s best eating regions. Other passionate people are being inspired to open up nearby, and the little hamlet of Inverleigh is turning into a must-go place for food lovers.

Our day in the Moorabool Valley was topped off with the experience of Sage Beef from SageChoice farm in Bannockburn. It was an extraordinary beef dish with seaweed put on by chef Tobin, using beef raised on the farm where we spent the morning. Tobin sources vegetables from his own garden, supplemented by local growers offering a steady supply for the menu’s needs. An à la carte menu is available Wednesday dinner, Thursday lunch and dinner, and Friday lunch. Otherwise, a choice of degustation menus is available (and recommended!).

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