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Tarra-Bulga National Park


Like a still pocket of temperate loveliness, the Tarra-Bulga National Park occupies a quiet parcel of old growth forest in South Gippsland. Much of the forest has been the subject of forestry activities for decades, so this ancient patch of myrtle beech, mountain ash, and tree ferns exists as one of the best examples of cool temperate rainforest remaining in the Strzlecki Ranges, and one of only four remaining in Victoria.

The Corrigan’s Suspension Bridge spans a spectacular gully, through the rainforest canopy, affording a truly unique view into the tops of the green ferns below. It’s a chance to slow down and contemplate the meaning of life. No need to Insta this moment, as your phone won’t work here. Put it away and just soak it in.

There is a 30-minute walking loop from the visitor centre on to the suspension bridge and back around. It’s pram friendly, though not dog friendly.

Listen for the lyrebird’s imitations of other wildlife as you walk – you may even be lucky enough to spot one.

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