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Mornington Peninsula is getting another Hot Springs! Meet Alba.

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Just when you thought you’d heard the last of the good bathing news, we’re here to serve you another scoop. The Mornington Peninsula is going to be home to another luxurious thermal springs and spa, and her name is Alba.

Launching in winter 2022 to coincide with World Bathing Day (June 22nd), Alba Thermal Springs and Spa is the newest state-of-the-art bathing destination designed to wash away all your worries. Offering a wide selection of outdoor and indoor thermal bathing, spa treatments and wellness therapies, Alba has a vision of being Victoria’s most sought-after place to relax.

The baths are set on 15-acres of land and construction is already underway under the guidance of renowned architecture practice, Hayball. The development will be low-impact with a progressive design that works in harmony with the natural environment. If the prototype images are anything to go off (which they are), Alba is looking equal parts zen and impressive, and a must-do for any Victorian.

Alba Thermal Springs and Spa is located in Fingal, just a hop skip and a jump away from countless wineries, luxury accommodation and other indulgent activities. The Mornington Peninsula really is bringing it these days.

WHAT: Alba Thermal Springs and Spa
WHERE: Fingal, Mornington Peninsula
WHEN: Winter 2022
MORE INFO: Alba Thermal Springs and Spa

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