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OHO in ISO: Gail Asbell from Upstate Studios

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Gail Asbell is the co-founder of Upstate Studios who offer Pilates, Box HIIT, Power Flow, Yin, HIIT 30 and Power Pilates classes from their centres in regional Victoria. Their philosophy is all about helping you create a positive state of mind.

What is happening with the business at this stage?

We closed our four pilates and yoga studios locations on 23 March and as per Victorian Government restrictions they still remain closed. We have stayed focused on our members during this period and tried to ‘over deliver’ in all areas possible. By offering 75 live-streamed classes per week we have been able to keep our community connected. Every day since closing we have received messages from our members how much they love the live stream classes and feel a sense of connection. This has inspired us to keep moving forward in the most challenging period we have ever faced in business.

What is happening to your staff at this stage and how are they coping?

Our team has been truly inspiring through this period. Everyone has supported each other as well as offering their support to us in any way they could. Our team has stepped up to the challenges and the changes that were taking place on a daily basis. As a result of Covid19, our team is even stronger.

75% of our team were ineligible for job seeker as they are independent contractors.  We have kept as many instructors working as much as we possibly can during this time.

What has the current crisis taught you about the community?

Community has always been the heart and soul of our business and this has been particularly evident during Covid 19. The support, feedback and appreciation from our community and our team has been amazing and motivated us to keep persisting through this challenging time.

It has been amazing to see the local business community come together. We have collaborated with many local businesses to support each other. There is a great sense that we are all in this together and the best way to get through this is to support each other.

How do you stay positive in this time?

Our members are loving the live-streamed classes. Every day we receive the most amazing feedback, which keeps us inspired! Many of our clients are going through a tough time and it’s great we can make their day a little brighter and keep them moving when they need it the most. 

What have you been watching? Listening to? Reading?

I have been listening to podcasts mostly business/entrepreneurial podcasts including The Jack Delosa Podcast, Lady Land, Retreat Yourself Radio and Seize the Yay. I find listening to the stories of other businesses really inspiring and motivating.

I’ve also been reading articles and connecting to businesses through Linkedin.

The Details:

Upstate Studios are based in Geelong, Torquay, Balaclava and Newtown and are currently offering on-demand and live-stream classes. 


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