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Dandenong Ranges Itinerary – Mauro Callegari The Independent

Text: Mauro Callegari
Images: Mike Emmett

The reason why I was first drawn to the Dandenong Ranges was that I had been recommended to ride my motorbike towards the Gembrook area.

It’s a lot more relaxed in the hills. On my days off I feel as though I’m on holidays.

I have a beautiful garden. Birds meet my son and I each morning on our back veranda. We enjoy feeding them and sitting in their company. I have some terrific neighbours. It’s a real, small tight community here, that people like to get involved in. Schools, parks, produce and just generally getting to know one another. It’s a caring environment which provides a sense of belonging to something more than just an apartment or house can offer. The sense of community gave me an eagerness to relocate my life from the Bayside area to the Dandenongs and in turn, open The Independent in Gembrook.



Come and see Mauro cook up a storm at:

Ong and Callegari: Wine, Paella and the Way we Make Them
Where: One Block Winery at Chestnut Hill Vineyard, Mt Burnett
When: Sat, 27 Oct. 12.30pm to 3.30pm
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