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OHO Markets – FAQs

OHO Markets is an online country market delivering regionally made goods, right to peoples homes. Here’s the low down on how it all works.

What kind of products are you looking for?

We are looking for hand-made, artisan products made by people that live and work in regional areas. It doesn’t matter if you live one hour out, two hours out or more from the city! What is important is that you are a regional artist or producer. In some cases, we will consider city folk, if the work you make is focused on regional areas (e.g landscape photography)

Take a look at the items currently on the store to get an idea:

What is the cost of listing my products?

There is no set-up fee and our standard commission is 20% for each product sold (we don’t add any more on top of the price you set).

We made this commission significantly less than what a retailer might normally charge to allow you the ability to cover the cost of packing the product and shipping it off.

From this commission we run marketing campaigns across Google Search and social media, as well as produce content promoting our Providers.

We also donate $1 from each sale to one of three charities that operate in regional Victoria.

Greening Australia
Women’s Community Shelters

This comes out of our commission, not your 80% payout.

So I need to pack and ship the product myself?

Yes, that’s right. Each time a customer purchases your product from our store, we will send you a notification with the order details including the name and postal address of the customer. It is our expectation that you will send the goods within two business days of receiving the order, however you can change that if your work takes longer to produce.

What about the cost of shipping?

Shipping is added onto the order when the customer checkouts. The default shipping rate matches the Australia Post Parcel rate:

Up to 500g = $8.95
500g to 1kg = $12.20
1-3kg = $15.35
3-5kg = $18.50

Talk to us if this doesn’t suit your needs.

What about express shipping and international orders?

Currently, we don’t have the option for customers to pay extra for express shipping or international shipping. This is something that will be coming quite soon as well.

What about products that are made to order?

For some items that are made to order, we give you the ability to customise the time period that you need to make the item before it is sent to the customer in the post.

We find that lots of customers are happy to wait for a unique piece as long as it’s clearly communicated to them.

Who does customer support?

We will take care of communications from the customer and help them out as best we can. At times we may need to come back to you to answer a question that we are unable to.

How do refunds work?

When a customer makes a request for a refund, replacement or repair (as per ACCC guidelines), we ask for a photograph from the customer and contact you to discuss.

If you agree to a refund, then we will refund the customer and an adjustment will be made to your next invoice.

When will I get paid for the sale?

We process all payments at the end of each month and transfer the funds within a couple of days. You will receive a summary of the sales as well as an invoice for the deducted commission.

What are the steps for applying?

Simply fill out the form on the application page to get started. This form will give the OHO Team more of an idea of what you and your products are all about. It usually takes only a few hours for us to get back to you with either an approval or an explanation as to why your offering isn’t quite what we are looking for.

What happens after I am accepted?

Once you are approved, you will be then invited to log into your account and update a few more details (inc, your bank details so that we can pay you) as well as add more details regarding the original product that you listed in your original application.

You will also have the opportunity to add additional products.

We require a couple of days to review each product before it goes live on the OHO Markets.

How do I manage Inventory?

You can set the number of products you have in stock each time you list a product. Our system will then count down this inventory for each sale. Once our system hits zero, customers won’t be able to place any more orders for that item.

You can log in at any time and update your inventory.

How will you promote my product?

By listing your product with One Hour Out, you will benefit from being seen by visitors to our website who are seeking unique, one-of-a-kind, local, handmade products.

We also have a highly engaged and passionate audience on Facebook (44k), Instagram (14k) and the OHO & Go Newsletter that is sent out to more than 47k subscribers. Promotion of products on these platforms is at our discretion.

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