Australian Botanic Gardens, Shepparton

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Nature-lover, environmentally aware, recycler, re-user, lover of anything to do with sustainability. Well, that’s most of us. So, here’s something pretty exciting – a botanic garden built entirely on top of a landfill site.

You read that correctly. A botanic garden, high atop a landfill site. It’s seriously amazing. It’s been a long time coming because no-one has done this before and there are so many things to iron out. But through dedication and community support, the amazing team of landscapers and gardeners have done it.

The hilltop site takes in a panoramic view of the Shepparton area. It’s built with re-used materials and planted out masterfully in Australian native plants. It’s still a work in-progress, but how often do you get to see the beginning of something so significant?

There are a range of cycling and walking paths to explore, from the river paths to the hilltop track. All are accessible and vary in length. There are also themed gardens around the park, like the Refugee Garden, which celebrates the ‘melting-pot’ that is created by the welcoming of refugees to the region, and the Children’s Garden –which promotes play and sensory experiences.

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