Lethbridge Wines

With more than 40 wines produced, and all available for tasting, Lethbridge Wines is something of an antidote to an industry that can be at times unapproachable. Lethbridge is a family business and at the hands of founders Ray and Maree, has become something of a benchmark for other winemakers.

Conceived as a tree-change for two people with a passion for wine and established careers in science and medicine, Lethbridge’s approach to winemaking is all about attention to detail.

The cellar door itself is a quirky straw-bale building of diminutive proportions. Rest assured you and your three friends will not be sharing the attention of Ray or Maree with a busload of inebriated tourists. They give the same care and attention to all customers and with over 40 wines under Coravin (inert gas) for tasting, there’s room and time to discover your own taste preferences.

It’s worth allowing some time to sample slowly and mindfully at Lethbridge. It’s not so much a case of, “Here’s our Sav Blanc, here’s our Pinot”, like some of the large-scale producers. At Lethbridge you could just as easily spend all morning tasting just Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – each a perfect expression of the fruit from one vineyard in one particular year. It’s scientific study in making truthful wines that are proud of their origin.

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74 Burrows Rd, Lethbridge
(03) 5281 7279

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