Rumble Coffee Roasters brings brews to Ballarat

Interview by Della Vreeland
Images supplied

The team behind Kensington’s Rumble Coffee Roasters is bringing its brews to Ballarat in the brand new venture that is Cobb’s Coffee.

Located on an historic corner of town, the cafe will serve up a smooth brew along with a selection of sandwiches and Noisette pastries.

The coffee house is located on Cobb’s Corner – given its name due to the fleet of Cobb and Co Coaches that would pull up in front of the building in the mid 19th century.

Owner Brendan Wrigley, who owns the cafe along with the Rumble crew, says the coach company was renowned for speed, quality and efficiency – qualities he thought were synonymous with great coffee shops.

“It seemed an obvious name to revive for our humble enterprise,” Brendan says.

The building which currently stands on the corner was designed by John James Clark, the architect behind some of Victoria’s most prominent buildings like the Melbourne Baths and the Old Treasury Building.  It’s a beautiful old thing and we’re stoked to get to add our touch to it.

As well as serving up a quality cup of joe, Cobb’s will provide customers with complete transparency in its coffee sourcing – publishing the price paid to farmers for every coffee purchased.

“We think that’s really important if the term speciality coffee is to mean anything,” Brendan says.

“We believe in doing the basics right.  Serving an excellent product, in a beautiful, welcoming space, with genuine hospitality.

“It’s not about overwhelming folks with complex jargon about the coffee, it’s about using the coffee as a vehicle for a great experience.”


WHAT: Cobb’s Coffee
WHERE: 2 Lydiard Street, Ballarat
WHEN: Opening December 21