Meet Soul Geelong, Newcomb’s newest cafe and gourmet grocer

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Artisan local produce, aromatic coffee and community spirit is flowing at Soul Geelong.

The Danish have a word for a mood of relaxation, indulgence, and wellness. They call it ‘hygge’ (you may have seen it in a Scandi architecture book), and though it has no direct translation in English, the word ‘cosy’ comes close.

If we had to describe Newcomb’s newest cafe and gourmet grocer Soul Geelong, we’d use hygge. The atmosphere of the place harks back to a simpler, cosier, more grounded time – when things were done slowly and intentionally, and items bought were designed to nourish and bring joy.

Created entirely by Geelong local Madelin Stone, Soul is all about sustainability and supporting local businesses. Around 95 per cent of all grocery items are sourced directly from Victorian producers, meaning you can discover the best of regional Victoria within the four freshly painted walls.

Shoppers can mosey about, picking up pantry items like extra virgin olive oil from Lighthouse, handmade pasta by Otway Pasta Company and a dozen fresh eggs from Caravan Eggs. For the fridge, there is full cream milk by Joneseys Dairy, camembert from Milawa Cheese, a range of delicious dips from Castlemaine dips, plus so much more.

Madelin has even created a range of her own products to indulge in. From sprays to rollers and bath salts, her collection is a perfect addition to the local craft scene and can be found in store.

As for the cafe side of things, the airy, light-filled space with a large communal table, fresh flowers and polished concrete floors make for a very hygge latte-sipping setting. Cartel Coffee Roasters beans are on rotation, as are Ket Baker sweet treats and pastries to complete the outfit. You’ll be feeling like a Scandinavian novel character as you sip a long black, watching passersby from the small window ledge outside the shop. It doesn’t get better than that.

WHAT: Soul Geelong
WHERE: 58 Charles Street, Newcomb
WHEN: Open Tuesday – Friday, 7am-3pm
MORE INFO: Soul Geelong