Take a sneak peek of Lisa Atkinson’s ‘The Hottest Days of Summer’ collection

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Rainbow parasols, board shorts and cliff dives: the quintessential Australian summer is captured in Lisa Atkinson’s latest collection ‘The Hottest Days of Summer’.

After a miserable winter of lockdown, Victorian’s were more eager than usual to make the most of the warmer months. It’s no wonder then than the Mornington Peninsula, famous for its Amalfi-esque beaches, was jam-packed with folks soaking up the sun. The vibes, the moments and the beauty have all been captured by local photographer Lisa Atkinson.

Inspired by her love of the stunning coastline she calls home, Atkinson was eager to explore the ways in which people enjoy the natural playground. From swimming to paddle boarding, cliff jumping and shell collecting, Atkinson transposes it all in her limited run of black-and-white and colour prints.

Of course, Atkinson isn’t the first photographer eager to capture the beauty of the coastline, but her choice to photograph primarily from the water, rather than the shoreline, gives her collection a fresh perspective. Using an underwater housing, she was able to experiment with photographs half-submerged, with slight glares and water smears. The result is a unique photograph every time, that showcases how iconic our coastlines are.

Each print is carefully and professionally printed using the giclee method on standard matte art paper.

The relaxed, spontaneous images are the result of years of practice and experience. Since 1998, Atkinson has been working as a professional photographer in commercial, fine art and editorial settings. She says a love of natural light, organic moments and natural images drives her work. ‘The Hottest Days of Summer’ may just be our favourite collection yet.

WHAT: The Hottest Days of Summer collection by Lisa Atkinson
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