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About OHO

Have you ever noticed things change a little once you are about one hour out from the city?

Buildings give way to vistas, green stripes mark paddocks, animals; less cute, but far more productive.

Don’t be alarmed if a total stranger in gumboots says ‘G’day’ as they pass.

Part online magazine and part travel guide, One Hour Out is a collection of all the best food and cultural experiences happening outside Melbourne.

One hour, two hours, three hours or more…it’s about getting more people out of the city more often, to discover and experience everything that is great about the countryside and to share their regional road trips with others.

Our aim is to show the best of what’s happening outside the city because we are passionate about regional food venues and producers and the communities built around them.

Plus, regional Vic is killing it these days!

We are on a journey to document the stories of all these communities, in our own way and in our own time.

Consequently, we don’t accept payment from any venue to appear in our directory, we do, however, accept insincere platitudes and random @ tags, so check us out on Instagram and  Facebook!


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