Mount Zero Olives is hosting a disco drive-thru market

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In what can only be described as a soulful combination, Mount Zero Olives are bringing us a warehouse market slash roller disco this Saturday 28th November.

You would be forgiven for not quite knowing what that looks like. Allow us to explain. Located at their Warehouse Shop in Sunshine West, all of the Mount Zero Olive’s much-loved produce (and a few special guests) will be available to pick up via contactless drive thru, with the help of groovy people in roller-skates. Yes, you read that correctly.

Initially a reincarnation of their quarterly Warehouse Market, the drive-thru market delighted customers back in May with its playful approach to COVID-safe bargain shopping. So the team have decided to give it another go, with all the bells and whistles shoppers loved.

The roller-disco legends Skate Odyssey are on ground, putting your purchases in the boot and DJ Chris Gill (Triple R, Northside Records) is spinning the disco and funk tracks. All you have to do is pre-order online via Mount Zero Olive’s website and head on down with a boogie in your heart.

Aside from the favourites from Mount Zero Olives, a few other star-producers from Victoria are making an appearance, too. Meredith Dairy will be there selling their products at market price, including the incredible 2kg of Marinated Goats Cheese for $50. While there are Christmas Puddings by hospitality social enterprise Streat, handmade miso by Koji & Co and small goods from Farce – just to name a few. We even hear the Mount Zero Hampers are 10% off and make for a very snazzy Christmas present.

Whether you’re after some gourmet goodies or are just an avid-disco fan/car seat dancer, the last Mount Zero Olive market of the year is set to be one cracking occasion.

Mount Zero Olives drive-thru warehouse market
6 Law Court, Sunshine West
Saturday 28th November, 9am-2pm
Mount Zero Olives


Say cheese! Long Paddock Cheese shop opens up in Castlemaine

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If there’s one thing we love at One Hour Out more than anything else, it’s cheese. Parmesan, dofenoir, manchego… whatever the shape, style or make, we are here for it. And the good news is, the folks at ‘Long Paddock Cheese’ are here for us, too.

Popping up this week at The Mill in Castlemaine, ‘Long Paddock Cheese’ is offering fresh, artisan cows-milk cheese for all the cheese tragics out there. Oh and milk, yogurt and cream will be added to the menu soon, making it your one-stop-shop for all things dairy.

Lovingly crafted by French cheesemakers Ivan and Julie Larcher, each block, wedge and wheel has been perfected after months of practice at their soon-to-launch “cheese university”. Meaning not only are they honing their skills for our cheesy indulgence, but also for our cheesy education.

In what will be a world first, the crew are set to open a privately funded artisan cheesemaking school, aptly titled ‘The Cheese School’ come January. Under the guidance of the Larcher’s, regular folks and professionals alike can learn the practical and theoretical aspects of cheesemaking. Students will leave with a newfound appreciation for the dairy delights, as well as (you guessed it) their very own cheese.

The team, headed up by director Alison Lansley, hope to tackle the mass-produced cheddar monopoly currently at play in the Australian market and bring back the love of locally crafted fromage. Certainly, sharing the knowledge of good cheese can only be a good thing for both the industry and our taste buds. 

Course guidelines and timetables are set to be released very soon, but for now you can do your research over at the Long Paddock Cheese shop. Buy a couple of blocks, taste a couple more, and you’ll be floating off to cheesy heaven. We’ll see you there.

WHAT: Long Paddock Cheese opening
WHERE: The Mill, Castlemaine – 1/9 Walker Street
MORE INFO: The Cheese School


James Northfield – the pioneer of vintage travel posters

Words by Della Vreeland Images © All Northfield images courtesy of James Northfield Heritage Art Trust

Roger Saddington first discovered James Northfield’s works during his university years in the late 80s, years before the current resurgence of vintage poster design.

“I instantly recognised him as a seminal figure in Australia’s design history,” Roger says.

No-one captures the most aspirational aspects of our culture in the early 20th century as effectively as Northfield.

As an artist as well as a lecturer, Roger is the director of Melbourne-based consultancy Art Strategies Australia. He believes Northfield’s works have stood the test of time due to their idyllic depictions of Australian life and leisure.

“Northfield depicts Australia as a sun-soaked place of leisure, peace and abundance,” he says.

“I believe many Australians still aspire to these values and readily recognise them in his work, even though superficial aspects of our culture have changed.”

James Northfield is arguably Australia’s best-known graphic designer. Renowned for his vintage posters, his work promoted the Australian travel industry and also appeared in billboard advertisements and posters relating to World Wars I and II.

According to the James Northfield Heritage Trust, Northfield is one of Australia’s most celebrated commercial artists of the 20th century.  He was recognised for his ‘sound draughtsmanship, excellent composition and the remarkable atmosphere of light and colour with which he captured the quality of the Australian landscape’. 

“(His posters) were part of a protracted ‘craze’ for poster art that gripped the western world between the 1880s and the 1940s,” Roger says.

“The commercial utility of Northfield’s travel and propaganda posters is evidenced by long-standing patronage from a cadre of insightful business leaders in Australia, allowing him to run several lucrative studios over a 40-year career.”

Northfield was also a pioneer in lithography – a process which involved drawing on a stone tablet using a special crayon before processing with acid, covering with coloured ink and then reprinting. 

“Although it allowed many reproductions to be made, lithography was very laborious,” Roger says.

“Every colour in the finished poster had to be done on a seperate lithographic stone, printed and dried before the next colour was applied. Eventually the finished design was built up in layers.

“At the time, this was the most advanced process available for commercial artists printing in colour.”

While Northfield’s most successful years were from the 1920s through to the 1950s, it is clear to see how his legacy has lived on, providing such a strong inspiration for artists of the modern age.

“The last decade has seen a huge wave of renewed interest in poster design from the height of the ‘Art Deco’ period during the interwar years and many graphic artists today are producing designs in Northfield’s style on the back of this wave,” Roger says.

Northfield pioneered the idea that ‘modern’ design styles could be used to portray Australia as a tourist destination equal to European and American counterparts. This led to ever more confident assertions of Australia’s uniqueness as the century progressed, culminating in the multi-million dollar tourism campaigns of today.

One Hour Out is currently selling James Northfield prints through its online Market. To make your purchase, click here.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Turn that Frown Upside Down

With Dad locked in lockdown with nothing but a hazy memory of freedom,  you are going to have to go all out with a Father’s Day gift this year!

We are here to help with a list of thoughtfully selected items from OHO Markets. Each item on our list is made by a regionally based artist or producer and with every purchase, we donate money to a charity that works in regional locations.

Take a look through and get ready to celebrate your newly attained status of ‘Golden Child’ like you have always deserved!

Father’s Day Hamper

The OHO Fathers Day Hampers consist of a range of items that haveFather's Day Hamper been carefully selected from OHO Markets with a whole bunch of little goodies from regional makers. The hampers come in three different sizes to suit any budget and each one is beautifully packaged up and tied with ribbon.



Truffle Paddock Products

If your Dad is a foodie then this range of products is for him. There’sTruffle Melbourne the Pimp My Pasta Truffle Sauce, Fancy Beans Truffle Baked Beans, Truffle Met An Olive Truffle Oil, Black Beauty Truffle Salt and many more. The range is produced by Truffle Paddock who is Australia’s leading specialist truffle product producer and the truffles are farmed near Phillip Island.


Gourmet Chocolate Hampers

For a sweet treat choose a hand-made chocolate hamper from Chocolate gourmet hamperPlatypi Chocolate who is an artisan chocolate maker based in the Otway Forest town of Forrest. There are two hampers available, the Favourites Pack or Go Nuts.




Book of Life

This cookbook was produced with the assistance of award-Book of Lifewinning local chefs, restaurateurs, brewers, distillers and producers of Gippsland. Turn the pages to explore this expansive and vibrant food-producing region through recipes and stories that showcase why Gippsland is a special treat for your taste buds.



James Northfield Vintage Travel Posters

These travel posters were produced by James Northfield who was a Lorne Vintage Postercommercial Australian graphic artist mostly active from 1910 and 1960. He was commissioned to produce a series of posters by the Australian National Travel Association, with the aim of encouraging visitors from local and overseas tourism markets.

Available on paper or canvas there is a poster that represents Victoria’s most popular places.



Tea Culture

Chai tea victoriaFor the Chai tea fanatics, you can’t go past the Tea Culture range with their Powder Chai Latte and Vegan Sticky Chai to try. Both organic and blended locally on the Mornington Peninsula.




Heritage Collection Recycled Wool Scottish Tartan Blankets

Lift your Dad’s game when he’s in the great outdoors with these Quality camping blanketsblankets that are perfect to snuggle in around a fire or give your Dad a classy look when having a picnic or at the beach. With several designs to choose from, they are soft, durable and not fuzzy so they won’t shed. And they look so good.



Short Hive Honey

This family business sure knows about honey, as their Grandfather Infused Honeyhas been a beekeeper for over 50 years. They produce honey with a twist, think Espresso Honey, Salted Honey, Chilli Honey and a new limited edition, Cacao Honey.

All the honey comes from hives kept in the South-West district of Victoria and it’s 100% Australian all-natural honey.



Wild Freight Train Chillies

Home-made chilli sauceIf your Dad loves chillies this range of chilli sauces from Gippsland is for him. There are five sauces to choose from the Smokey BBQ, Cherry Balsamic, Cocoa & Zucchini, The Conductor and if he likes it really hot then try The Bullet. There is a selection of heat levels to suit everyone’s taste.




FareShare Fundraising T-Shirts

These quality AS Colour t-shirts are printed with fun illustrations FareShare Fundraising T-Shirtsthat accurately capture these crazy (and unprecedented!) times we have all ensured recently. $10 from every shirt will be donated to ‘FareShare’s Good Food Chef’ campaign so you are also helping people who have been doing it tough in recent times.



Photographic Prints

Photographic PrintsIf your Dad is missing the ocean, these limited edition custom prints from Gippsland photographer Rikki-Jo could be just the trick.

Available in different sizes there is a price that will suit your budget.





Olive’s Olives

Choose from either Pure Olive Paste or Green or Black Table OlivesOlive's Olives produced by this family-run, 300-tree grove in the heart of the Macedon Ranges.





Can’t decide? If you think your Dad would prefer to choose his own OHO Gift Vouchergift from One Hour Out Markets, then order a gift voucher so he can stroll the markets himself. Just order here.

The regional bookshops you need to suss out pronto!

Words by Della Vreeland 
Images supplied

One of the sweetest parts of isolation (and we know there aren’t that many), is the fact that we can bunker down and savour those moments we may not have had the chance to savour when life was more – normal.

For some of us, bunkering down has also provided the time to snuggle in with a good read. Spring is one of the best seasons to get stuck into a good book, especially when the sun is seeping down on us and beckoning us to find our happy place – whether we’re sitting outside under the shade of the Coolabah Tree, or lazing away indoors in our sun-soaked library nook.

To coincide with Love Your Bookshop Day on October 3, and to give all our bookworms an excuse to search out their next read, we decided to compile a list of some of our favourite regional bookshops.

So whether you’re a regional resident in search of your next day trip, or a metro comrade hitting the online shopping, we have a bookshop for your perusal.

Verso Books

Healesville #onehourout

Verso Books

Offering local home delivery during COVID-19, this Yarra Valley beauty is filled to the brim with all the best new books! Located in Healesville, Verso Books specialises in new release fiction, gardening, food and wine, art and design, current affairs and an extensive range of beautiful Children’s Books.

Take a look here

The Bookshop at Queenscliff


The Bookshop at Queenscliff

Boasting all the literary goodness you could hope for, combined with a charm that can only be felt from a passionate family-run business, The Bookshop at Queenscliff is a real sanctuary. Owned by a local husband-and-wife duo, this corner-store bookshop aims to offer all the current reads in addition to books that are topical and worthy of exploration in the current climate.

Website here

Turn the Page Bookshop

Phillip Island #twohoursout

Turn the Page

One of Phillip Island’s most treasured spots, Turn the Page is renowned for its friendly customer service, product knowledge and nifty children’s corner. With comfy chairs scattered throughout the store, expect to wander in and escape to a world you’d rather be as you lose yourself in the words and the surrounds.

Find out more


Warragul #oneandahalfhoursout


Located in Warragul, Need2Read is a family owned and operated independent bookstore that focuses on customer service and helping bookworms source the perfect reads for themselves and their loved ones. With floor-to-ceiling shelves and a bright, contemporary interior, this bookstore is the town’s real pride and joy.

Discover the store

The Known World

Ballarat #oneandahalfhoursout

The Known World

Taken straight out of Diagon Alley, The Known World is a real book-lovers refuge. Housed in a 19th-century Ballarat building in one of the city’s most historic thoroughfares, the space is worth visiting just in itself. As soon as you enter the doors of this secondhand bookstore, you’ll be transported into a world of words and wonder, regardless of whether you make a purchase or not.

Take a squiz here

Minerva’s Books and Ideas

Ballarat #oneandahalfhoursout

Minervas Books

Another Ballarat-based beauty, Minerva’s Books and Ideas is a bookshop-turned-online store that focuses on classic fiction, literature, culture and philosophy, and antiquarian. What makes Minerva’s different is that its owners are as much about delving into the lives of books as they are about the stories themselves. Trading solely online and via Instagram, this is a real crowd pleaser for our metro friends who are searching for their next unique read.

Shop online

Bendigo Book Mark


Book Mark

If you can’t get enough of secondhand books, Bendigo Book Mark is another one to bookmark for a visit. A beautifully laid out independent store, the shop is a vibrant space with equally vibrant and joy-inducing reads.

Visit them on Facebook

The Bookbird Geelong


Book Bird

Founded in 2015, The Book Bird is Geelong’s local, independent book shop with a twist – because you never know what you’re going to discover. Stocking a large range of new release books across all genres, this store is a repository of pure delight in literary form.

Check out The Book Bird story

Squishy Minnie

Kyneton #onehourout

Squishy Minnie

Squishy Minnie is one of those spaces that leaves a lasting impression. With a plethora of children’s titles to enjoy, ranging from infant through to teen reads, as well as an exceptionally vibrant and quaint interior, this is a bookstore you need to experience to believe. Explore the array of books either in-store or online and find yourself or your loved ones the perfect gift!

Order online


Specially tailored messages of equality

Words by Della Vreeland 
Images supplied

IF YOU were to ask Indy Hayes how many times she has been the recipient of a racial slur, she’d find it difficult to tell you.

 “It would take me days to get through them all,” the young Ballarat entrepreneur says. “But it’s definitely something we have to face every day.”

 Indy is the founder of newly-established clothing label The Minority Co – a small business that focuses on raising awareness around the discrimination and prejudice faced by minority groups.

With a special focus on the Black Lives Matter movement, the 21-year-old aims to educate and empower through producing jumpers which have been lovingly-embroidered with specially-tailored messages and slogans.

“My aim is 100 per cent to educate and create awareness,” Indy says.

“I like to think of my business as a statement that challenges society’s norms and controversial topics, rather than just being a clothing line.”

As a Wotjobaluk (Aboriginal), African/American, Polish, Cherokee and Celtic woman, Indy says her passion for her art comes from growing up in a culturally diverse family.

 “I come from some of the biggest minority groups in the world, so my brand name is my family,” she exclaims.

If you know anything about any of the groups of people I’m from, you could probably understand why this is so important to me. I want better for my people and that is what drives me and what fuels my passion.

While Indy’s newest venture only kicked off in June, it has already garnered significant support from all across the country.

“The idea for The Minority Co practically fell into my lap and I didn’t plan on turning it into a business, but here we are!” she says.

“I hoped, but I never thought, it would blow up so big so quick. It’s been amazing. I mean it’s a pretty important movement so I’m glad I have so much support.”

There’s no doubt fighting for equality is a dominating passion for this creative, and Indy hopes to gradually expand her line of products to also embrace other minority groups.

And if there is one piece of advice she has for those wanting to work towards a more embracing world, it is to educate yourself and, in turn, others.

“I’m trying to push that so hard because I honestly believe it could make so much difference,” she says

“Pull people up for being racist. I don’t care if it’s your friend, family, partner. I don’t care how awkward it is, it needs to start happening more so people realise it’s not a joke. At this point, it’s about people’s lives.” 

You can find out more about The Minority Co and Indy Hayes by visiting her Instagram page @theminorityco_ or checking out the website, set to launch in late July.


OHO in ISO: Debra Mcfadzean from Shape & Line

Images supplied

Debra Mcfadzean has been a professional photographer for 20 years. She shoots Interior, Lifestyle, Food, Portraiture and Travel. Debra’s philosophy towards her work is ‘I’m always, always looking’ for grace and symmetry and kind of wabi-sabi elegance and she finds these elements come together in unusual hidden places sometimes.

How has your photography business been affected by COVID-19?

My art print sales went up which I was a bit surprised about. I guess with people stuck at home they decided it was a good time to redecorate.

However, the commercial work took a pretty big hit, with most jobs in the pipeline cancelled in a matter of days of each other which was worrying at the time. The jobs are still there to be done when restrictions permit so it should work out ok.

Who have you been in lockdown with?

My daughter Harriet, partner Geo and our two dogs Alby and Tikki, the dogs have been the real winners in recent times, with lots of walks and attention for them.

What do you think have been the positives of this crisis?

I have used the extra time, like many, to forge ahead with new business development and work on plans and ideas that had been lurking in my mind but I hadn’t had the time to implement.   

On a social level, it’s been great watching my local community support local businesses and seeing families out riding their bikes and spending lots of quality time together.

Also, I’ve had more time to cook overly elaborate dinners and drink wine. A lot of wine.

What have you been watching or reading?

I got the Masterclass series and have been watching a lot of those. I’m reading Leigh Sales Any Ordinary Day now and next up is Jedidiah Jenkins To Shake the Sleeping Self.

What adventures are you planning as restrictions ease?

I am hoping to get to Perisher for the snow season this year with my family and will be making a trip to Sydney to shoot some landscapes for my fine art collections as soon as I can.

I think I’ll also pop up north for some sunny days too.

The Details:

Have a browse of Debra Mcfadzean’s original photographic artworks that have been taken at beautiful locations across Victoria over on OHO Markets. We can’t promise that you won’t be tempted to purchase one.

Bringing the farm to you: Where to source the freshest in regional Victorian produce

There are a few key things getting us all through the livelong days as we seclude ourselves in isolation. Among those things are home deliveries. Whether we’ve ordered something on a whim from our favourite online store or decided to get takeaway for the umpteenth time, delivery services are definitely keeping many of us sane during COVID-19.

Many farmers have also opted to strengthen or initiate their online delivery services during the pandemic, joining forces with stores and businesses in a bid to distribute their produce more extensively.

Here, we provide you with a list of places delivering fresh fruit, vegetables and pantry staples direct to your door!

Heritage Farm Vegetable Boxes

Heritage Farm

Located in Moorooduc on the Mornington Peninsula, Heritage Farm delivers 100% organic vegetable boxes to certain Melbourne suburbs and various pick-up points. Each box is lovingly curated and harvested the morning of your delivery, and you can choose the size of your box and the option to add fruit, eggs and bread.

Find out more here


Eat Drink West

Eat Drink West

A celebration of the best in nutritional goodness, the Local Boxes by Eat Drink West are receptacles of pure dietary delight. With the option to choose regular or mini, these boxes include seasonal fruit and vegetables, milk, sourdough and eggs from farmers in Ballarat and surrounds. All products honour the Eat Drink West ethos of supporting western Victorian farmers and putting the finest seasonal produce under the spotlight.

Shop EDW here

Lancefield Providore

Lancefield Providore

Lancefield Providore prides itself on sourcing fresh, seasonal produce and providing good, old-fashioned customer service typical of a local greengrocer. A family-owned and operated business in the Macedon Ranges, the Providore delivers fruit, vegetables, and a range of grocery and speciality products to families and businesses in Lancefield and surrounding areas.

Discover the Providore

Nightingale Bros Produce Store

Nightingale Bros

With a picturesque orchard setting, the Nightingale Bros Produce Store brings the Alpine region’s best seasonal produce direct from the grower to you. Now offering delivery, you can stock up on family grown apples, chestnuts and persimmons, or select from a range of seasonal fruit and vegetables, locally made jams, relishes, gifts and goodies!

Get the goods delivered


Benton Rise Farm

Benton Rise Farm

With the option of choosing a box suited to your household and budget, Benton Rise Farm brings the best produce from the Mornington Peninsula direct to you. With boxes selling out super quickly, it’s a case of the early bird gets the worm, so make sure your orders are placed early in the week.

Place your order here


The Food Garden

The Food Garden

Sourcing from growers around central Victoria, The Food Garden has a whole range of options when it comes to the size and contents of its boxes. Choose either a one-off or recurring box with the flexibility to pick and choose what’s inside.

Shop The Food Garden



Somerset Heritage Boxes

Somerset Heritage

Sourced direct from Somerset Heritage Farm in Seymour, these boxes are filled with farm-fresh produce you have to taste to believe. Typically distributing their products through markets, the farm has now moved to online ordering for pick-up only in certain locations.

Order online here


Prom Coast Food Collective

Prom Coast Food CollectiveFormed from a group of South Gippsland and Bass Coast farmers, the monthly fruit and veg box delivery around South Gippsland has expanded to weekly deliveries to Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula.
As you would expect, there are also some fantastic dairy options from the likes of Tarago Valley Cheese and Gippsland Jersey.

How to spoil your mum while in isolation

It’s been a tough few months for everyone, not the least for the mothers out there who are likely juggling work, domestic duties and their children’s remote learning schedule.

For those mums whose children have perhaps left the nest, their hearts are surely yearning for the day they can see their families in person again.

Until that happens, the One Hour Out team has compiled a list of artisanal products from its online market so you can show your Ma the love and appreciation she deserves, especially since Mother’s Day is but a few days away.

Bird & Blossom

Bird and Blossom

Handmade with love in Ballarat using sustainable practices and ethically-sourced materials, the Bird & Blossom collection of jewellery and native prints is made by Andrea Hurley and is sure to take pride of place in Mum’s heart and home.

Shop here

Chauffe-Moi Australia

Chauffe Moi

As the weather cools down, the time for Mum to don her warmest winter woollies is now! The Chauffe-Moi (‘Make Me Warm’) range features vibrant, crocheted beanies boasting autumnal shades of mustard and crimson and with design intricacies that take them beyond the limits of functionality.

Browse the beanies

Truffle Paddock

Truffle Paddock

If your mum considers herself quite the culinary connoisseur, then some products from Truffle Paddock are sure to warm the cockles of her heart. Founded by one of Australia’s most trusted truffle industry experts Nigel Wood, Truffle Paddock’s range includes pantry staples such as oils, salts, and honey, as well as some exclusive ingredients that will take any dish from zero to hero.

Shop Truffle Paddock

Pod Jewellery

POD Jewellery

Macedon-based artisan Bec de Podolinsky creates stunning pieces of jewellery using elements including brass, silver and copper. While her designs take many shapes, textures and forms, her work always manifests a simple elegance that still creates a bold statement.

Discover Pod Jewellery here

Studio LUSPI

Studio LUSPI

There’s nothing more satisfying than drinking your morning brew out of a stunning, handmade, ceramic cup. Mornington Peninsula ceramicist Maria Lieberman of Studio LUSPI creates one-of-a-kind mugs and other ceramic works (pitchers, bowls, serving tongs) that will bring a spot of charm to Mum’s kitchen while giving her a dose of much-deserved delight.

Check out Maria’s work here

Alabasta Organik

Alabasta Organik

Treat Mum to some extra special, 100% organic, cold-pressed oils for her face and body thanks to Carly Helgensen’s  Alabasta Organik range. Working in harmony with the skin, Carly’s products use natural formulas to provide Mum’s skin with all the nutrients and antioxidants it needs.

Shop Alabasta

Foundry Silver

Silver Foundry

Made by Gippsland’s Jill Hermans, the Foundry Silver collection focuses on showcasing the materials, processes and techniques behind making jewellery. Jill finds endless fascination in the reactions between metals, oxides, enamel and flame, creating pieces that are made from 100% recycled sterling silver and clear enamel.

Shop Foundry Silver

Grampians Goods Co.

Grampians Goods Co

Stunning Tartan blankets, sweet-smelling aromatherapy candles – The Grampians Goods Co. is all about infusing simple, everyday moments with elegance and exploration. Sounds like a pretty neat Mother’s Day deal to us.

Explore the collection

One Hour Out Gift Card

OHO Gift Card

Can’t decide? Then let us point you in the direction of our OHO Gift Cards. Valid for three years, Mum can either buy herself something nice while she’s in isolation, or wait until the pandemic is well and truly over and use it on a unique regional Victorian experience. Now there’s something to look forward to!

Markets Gift Cards

Experiences Gift Cards


Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Dindi Naturals

Okay, so it’s not food, and it’s not wine, but stay with us here. Skincare products, made from only natural ingredients by a small regional Victorian business is totally up the OHO alley.

Dindi Naturals is located in Yarck, a tiny town near Alexandra, and from the small manufacturing area at the back of the shop, they produce an amazing array of skincare products, soaps, shampoos, homewares – the list is practically endless. Did we mention its 100% organic? It’s also palm-oil free. Honestly, the ingredients stored out the back in the manufacturing area have more in common with the kitchens OHO visits regularly than you’d expect from a skincare product manufacturer.

You might be surprised to know that the olive oil used as a base in many of the soap products is a proper regular food-grade organic olive oil. Make sure you pick up the solid bar shampoo – it lasts forever, and is honestly the best shampoo. Oh, also the face serum, which comes in small amounts but lasts forever too. And the … actually, this could take a while. Best that you go for yourself.