Kailash Ashram

It’s long been understood that our environment has a deep effect on the state of our mental health. So it makes perfect sense then, to discover a traditional Ashram located on a quiet property with views back towards the Grampians / Gariwerd range, a place with such spiritual connection to the Traditional Owners of the land.

Before meeting in India, Radjni and David Wegman both had very different lives, one filled with stress and depression. Through the growth achieved in their love and through the practice of yoga and meditation practice, they developed a yearning to share their journey of inner peace with others.

The marquee experience is the five-day Soul Retreat, where attendees are provided with a fully immersive introduction to authentic yoga and meditation practices that are thousands of years old. Guests stay on-site in a beautiful hand-pressed mud-brick building that includes a comfortable communal area and a mix of shared and private room options. The camaraderie and connection that comes from a shared experience of transformation, is the reason why many visitors return again.

Throughout the five days, guests are taken on an ancient spiritual journey that includes Hatha Yoga, Himalayan Meditation, Sound Meditation and even an opportunity to express their inner world through a creative practice that David and Ranji have named Soul Art. Most of these spiritual sessions occur in a purpose-built yurt, set peacefully amongst the huge gums and granite boulders.

In keeping with the aim of providing internal nourishment to guests, the communal meals are fresh, wholesome, vegetarian dishes. There is plenty of time for personal reflection and guests are welcome to explore the pristine bushland of the property, find a spot to watch the sunrise or freshen up with an early morning dip in the dam.

Together David and Ranji have created a space here for visitors to take leave of their normal day-to-day environment, to gather with other like-minded individuals in a sublime natural landscape, to learn and to grow. Most importantly, they hope that each individual will take these practices home with them for life-long peacefulness and well-being.

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