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Travelling to regional Victoria? The government wants you to have $200

If you needed another reason to travel to regional Victoria this summer, the state government has just given you one. 

Premier Dan Andrews has announced the Victorian Tourism Recovery Package, coming in at a cool $465 million, to reinvigorate the struggling tourist sector post-pandemic. And guess what, $28 million of that is going straight into an initiative to get people travelling regionally.

How, you might ask? Well, by handing out members of the general public a $200 voucher to spend during their trip, providing they have already spent $400 or more in the region. That spending can be on either accommodation, attractions or tours, so get creative when planning your itinerary.

It might sound too good to be true. Free money to just… spend?! On yourself?! But believe us, this is real life. The initiative is an epic bid to put the spring back into regional pubs, cafes, restaurants, wineries and small businesses who were hit hard by COVID-19. And they deserve it.

“This funding will help tourism businesses bounce back from the challenges of this year – welcoming more visitors and employing more Victorians,” Dan Andrew’s said in a statement.

The government has 120,000 vouchers to give away come December and the exact administration process is still being sorted out. Tourism Minister Martin Pakula has said it’s likely Victorian’s will either get the voucher upfront or be reimbursed afterwards. Either way, Andrew’s promised a smooth ride, so it’s time to get planning.

Whether you’re thinking of cruising down the Great Ocean Road with the wind in your hair or winding your way inland to the steamboats of Echuca, we are certain there are countless stopovers to get your (free) money’s worth. 

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