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In honour of World Gin Day, here’s our pick of some of Victoria’s lesser known distilleries

Words by Tehya Nicholas
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On Saturday, June 12th, the world celebrated one of its finest creations: gin. Yes folks, World Gin Day has just passed and that means it’s time to raise a glass for and of, these delicious spirits.

It’s absolutely no secret Victoria is a playground for gin lovers. With distilleries popping up across every region, some taking out huge international awards (looking at you Four Pillars), and more talented bartenders than you could poke a stick at, we’re never hard-pressed for a ripper G&T. But the average joe mightn’t be so well acquainted with the hidden gems that dot our state. The small-batch distilleries that makeup in flavour what they lack in size. We’re talking micro but mighty companies. Here is our best round up.

Death Gin

Death GinDon’t be spooked by the name… or maybe do. This gin is devilishly delicious. Planted on the outskirts of Knoxville, Death Gin gets its name (and its swagger) from the old tale of Patrick Black, the bushranger who made illegal gin, stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Carrying that larrikin spirit into their dry, botanical-laced spirits, Death Gin’s range is an accumulation of everything the makers love about gin, and it just keeps getting better.

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Natural Distilling Co

Natural Distilling CoTradition, innovation and community are the three guiding lights for this Gippsland distillery. For some twenty years they’ve been following them, and pure gin excellence has followed. Using sustainable practices, all their award-winning spirits have been naturally distilled with homegrown hemp and cannabis terpenes. It may sound naughty, but they’re really very nice.

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Swiftcress Distillery

Swiftcrest DistilleryPaul Kelly said from little things, big things grow. Sipping on the Alpine Spring Gin from Swiftcress, you’ll know it’s true. The four-times-distilled spirit is made on a small farm at the foothills of Mt Buller by one dedicated family. They’re entirely organic and hands-on, from milling the grain to sticking on the labels. We swear you can taste the love.

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That Spirited Lot

That Spirited LotDown the coast – Seaford to be exact – a family of stubbornly independent gin distillers just keep making darn good gin. They call themselves That Spirited Lot, in part because they’re full of personality, in part because their flavours are experimental and bold. A dash of their award-winning Hawker Market Gin will take your Negroni to the next level.

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Yack Creek Distillery

Yack CreekBorn in 2016, Yack Creek Distillery creates small-batch, limited release gin inspired by Australian botanicals and global spices. Their creations have picked up awards and given their makers much to be proud of. Try their Lemon Myrtle Gin to know what heaven tastes like.

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WHAT: World Gin Day
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WHEN: June 12th 2021
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