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The best places to watch for whales in Victoria this winter

Nothing brings out more oohs and ahhs than a group of people catching sight of a huge Humpback whale breaching against the ocean blue. With the migration season just getting started, we thought we would point out the best places in Victoria to get your own oohs and ahhs.

Phillip Island

Phillip Island is considered one of the premium locations for spotting Humpback whales as they make their move along the east coast of Australia for the warmer waters of Queensland.

Pretty much any point jutting out into Bass Strait will put you in good stead for catching site of not just a humpback, but also Southern Right Whales and sometimes Orcas. Try Nobbies, Pyramid Rock lookout, and any south facing lookout along the Phillip Island Nature Park. Whales will sometimes come into Western Port as well, so keep your eyes peeled while eating a gelato from the wharf at cowes.

So popular is whale spotting as an activity on Phillip Island that they created a whole festival in the June / July school holidays. Head to Island Whale Festival to plan your visit.

Whale watching Portland, Victoria Australia


Wilson Promontory

As if the Prom wasn’t a wildlife watchers wonderland already. Excellent spots to catch a Humpback or Southern Right Whale include some of the rocky headlands like Tongue Point and Pillar Point Lookout near Tidal River.

However, to really get up close with these giants of the sea, we highly recommend taking one of the whale watching cruises available from Wildlife Coast Cruises or Pennicott Wilderness Journeys.

Not only do these cruise operators take you right out to where the whales frolic, but along the way you get awe inspiring views of rocky coastal cliffs, hidden coves and islands and other sea life, like dolphins, seals and seabirds.

Whale watching Warrnambool Victoria


The Southern Right Whales spend their Summer feeding in the plankton-filled waters of the sub-antarctic and then head to warmer waters around the south edge of Australia in winter to calve.

Logan’s Beach is such a popular spot for Southern Rights to calve that it’s been given the title of a ‘whale nursery’. There are specially designed viewing platforms that give visitors the best chance of spotting one of these gentle giants and also to protect the fragile dunes.

Lady Beach is mostly protected from the worst of the Southern Ocean and is another popular carving site.

Call the information centre to find out if there’s any sightings:
(03) 5559 4620

Portland whale watching Victoria Australia


When the whale flag is hoisted above the Portland Visitor Information Centre, you can be sure there’s something special happening off the coast.

The whale season in Portland typically runs from May to October, with the peak months being July and August. During this time, Southern Right Whales and Humpback Whales can be spotted as they make their journey along the coast.

The Port of Portland itself has elevated platforms where you can enjoy unobstructed views of the ocean and watch as the whales pass by. Make sure to keep an eye out for their iconic tail flukes.

Cape Nelson State Park, located just minutes from Portland, offers several designated lookout points with panoramic views of the ocean, allowing you to observe the whales from a safe distance.

Cape Nelson and Cape Bridgewater are also some of the few locations where the massive Blue Whale can be spotted from the shoreline. Blue Whales chase the nutrient-rich cold waters of the Bonney Upwelling between November to May each year.

Whale watching Wilson Promontory


A lesser-known location for whale watching is the picturesque town of Mallacoota where majestic Humpback Whales migrate towards Queensland between May and November, offering incredible opportunities for sightings.

A great location is Bastion Point, one of Mallacoota’s most popular lookout spots. From the elevated vantage point overlooking the ocean, you can watch for whales as they swim by. Bring a pair of binoculars to enhance your viewing experience.

Gabo Island is roughly 14km off the coast of Mallacoota and for those willing to go that extra further, offers unsurpassed opportunities for spotting migrating Humpbacks . Contact Mallacoota Fishing Charters and Tours, Gabo Island Escapes and Wilderness Coast Charters –(03) 5158 0701

Mallacoota whale watching East Gippsland Victoria Australia




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