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Mid-Winter Escape
to Point Lonsdale

Point Lonsdale demands nothing of the visitor, except to slow down, relax, and enjoy. It’s the epitome of quaint seaside hamlet.

There are some amazing little eateries in walking or short driving distance, no shortage of great wines…

…and of course there’s that beach. The sea-walls and shifting sands serve as a reminder of the power of our oceans.

There’s something about substituting the hustle and bustle for quietness.
Point Lonsdale is the kind of hamlet that requires you to slow down. Eat slow, drink slow, get up late, read a book, go for a slow walk on the windswept beach.

Basil’s Farm

Let’s start with breakfast. Or brunch. Maybe lunch. Whatever you call it, the short drive down to Basil’s Farm is worth making a definite part of your trip.

The menu is dominated by local produce, simply and respectfully prepared. Vegetables grown on-site are a stand-out whether they’re up-front stars or playing support to locally produced protein.

Wines from the property are excellent, and whilst some might frown at wine for breakfast, it’s totally fine for lunch, right? In any case, there’s a good selection to complement your meal.

A walk up the beach, along the sea wall and up to the cliff-top lookout affords you a stunning survey of the coastline and township.

Noble Rot

Just because you’re in a sleepy seaside hamlet doesn’t mean you need to give up your penchant for amazing wine and food. Noble Rot is a tiny bar at the end of a tiny row of sea-front shops with a big reputation for simplicity and quality.

The shelves are adorned with a carefully curated selection of local and imported wines. Yes, there’s some expensive gear there, but there’s also some low-cost surprises that will make you smile. Jordan is super-knowledgable and helpful with wine selection.

New in his role as head chef, off the back of a wealth of experience in some of Australia’s greatest eateries such as Brae, Sam is turning simple high quality produce into stunning and delicious bar dishes. His food is respectful, deft, and one of the highlights of the Bellarine.

OHO thanks Beacon Resort for putting us up for our time in Point Lonsdale. Our stay in the new 2-bedroom self-contained cottage was a pleasure. This communal fire pit is perfect for crisp winter evenings, a few drinks, and great food shared with a few friends, old or new.

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