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Geelong has a new pho haven: Pholklore

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Pho: it may be confusing to pronounce, but there’s nothing confusing about the taste. It’s straight up deliciousness. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan or carnivore, there’s always a bowl to delight your senses. Well now Geelong has got its very own pho stomping ground. Pholklore has swung open the doors on Pakington Street and prepare to be amazed.

After four hugely successful years operating on the breezy coast of Torquay, Pholklore has made the jump to the big smoke and we’re so here for it. Not to be confused with Taylor Swift’s classic acoustic album Folklore, this Vietnamese eatery is dishing up your all-time faves: hearty bowls of pho, fresh salads and rice paper rolls – and none of it is contrived.

Located on the corner of Pakington Street and Gordon Avenue in a former playground business, the new digs are as slinky and welcoming as the original. There’s space for 130 patrons in cobalt shipping containers and on wide open Astroturf, plus plenty of communal outdoor dining tables, loads of greenery and a couple of hanging lanterns to top it all off.

The menu stars all the fan-favourites from Torquay, namely the Pho Bo – a rare beef and brisket rice noodle soup that is as good for the soul as the stomach and the Bun Cha – a winning dish with chargrilled pork patties. For smaller bites, there are vermicelli noodle salads, rice paper rolls, hand-rolled spring rolls and plenty more to choose from.

Drinks are all winners too, with a lush mix of Vietnamese beer, wine and soft drinks, as well as pho-inspired cocktails. The Mei-Ling Lychee Martini will get your night going with it’s delicious combo of vodka, lychee liqueur and fresh lime. Clearly, the invention and attention to detail here is never amiss. 

Here’s to Pholklore as it continues on its path to west-coast pho-domination. We’ll see you there.

WHAT: Pholklore, Geelong
WHERE: 238 Pakington Street, Geelong West
WHEN: Mon-Sun, 12-9pm
MORE INFO: Pholklore

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