The whimsical foodie-haven St Andrews Collective is now open

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Lovers of local produce (and cottagecore), prepare to be delighted. There’s a new fairy tale-esque provedore gracing the bustling township of St Andrews. It’s focus? All the interesting, unique products you won’t find anywhere else.

Perched on top of a grassy slope, overlooking the Queenstown Bushland Reserve, the newly minted St Andrews Collective has swung open its doors to locals and travellers alike, selling produce that’s equal parts delicious and delightful.

The storefront is curated and owned by St Andrews local Nicole Milella whose career in hospitality spans almost a decade. After several months of planning during the lockdown period, Milella has brought together a sumptuous selection of nibbles, dry goods and even handmade and vintage homewares to please even the most selective shopper – all from producers less than thirty minutes away.

Lining the wooden shelves are loose-leaf teas from the Yarra Valley Tea Co, artisan cheese courtesy of Jack Holman at Stone and Crow (vegan cheese included), rich preserves and cordials made by Spurrell Foraging, herbs and spices, olive oils and so much more. Milella has even curated her own cheese boards which can be purchased and happily eaten just outside, in a shady spot on the grass.

If you forgot to bring a picnic blanket, don’t worry, Milella has also got a selection of vintage picnic rugs and baskets for sale. There’s even dried native flowers and hand-thrown pottery ready for the picking if you fancy making a really Insta-worthy spread.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the perfect provedore without some kind of wine involved and this is where St Andrews Collective truly shines. Situated right next door is Punch Room Wines, a killer local cellar door, who have teamed up with the shop to create cheese and wine pairings. Guests can grab a cheese board, walk into the cellar door for a glass of red or white and enjoy everything St Andrews has on offer.

For now, St Andrews Collective is open on Saturdays only, but with tentative plans to open on Sundays as well. Occasional fresh produce courtesy of a local market gardener will be available, as well as unique fresh goods from Spurrell Foraging.

WHAT: St Andrews Collective
WHERE: 10 Scott Street, St Andrews
WHEN: Saturdays 9am-3pm
MORE INFO: St Andrews Collective


Praise Cheesus, there’s a prospective “cheese train” coming for Geelong

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Japan, 1958 – the world’s first conveyer belt sushi, colloquially known as a “sushi train”, opens in Osaka. It is an instant hit and copied in restaurants all around the world.

Geelong, 2021 – the much-loved sushi train model shape shifts into something even more wonderful: a cheese train. It opens on Pakington Street and the locals go wild.

Okay, we may be trying to write history here, but we could be very close to the truth. The Geelong-based cheese dealer Splatters have lodged a planning application with the City of Greater Geelong to open a fully licensed restaurant on Pakington St. Their crowning jewel? Cheese served on a conveyer belt.

In what would be an Australian first, the restaurant will serve a huge variety of gourmet cheeses in exactly the same manner sushi does, as well as contain a restaurant space and cheese garden. If that doesn’t sound like utopia, we don’t know what does.

The bricks and mortar store will be the first of its kind for Splatters, who currently operate as an online catering business and from their food truck “Splattervan.” If plans go ahead, they will be setting up shop in one of the city’s most popular strips: the heart of Pakington Street at the former pharmacy opposite Geelong West Library.

Unafraid of the night-life Pakington is famous for, the cheese train and bar will be a party-starter, with proposed operating hours from 11am to 1am on Fridays and Saturdays. On the other days of the week, cheese aficionados can get their fix from 11am til 11pm. And while we haven’t seen any drinks lists yet, we’re sure the wine pairings will be on point.

Late-night cheese and wine? It don’t get any cheddar than that.

WHAT: Splatters
WHEN: Opening soon
MORE INFO: Splatters

Say cheese! Long Paddock Cheese shop opens up in Castlemaine

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If there’s one thing we love at One Hour Out more than anything else, it’s cheese. Parmesan, dofenoir, manchego… whatever the shape, style or make, we are here for it. And the good news is, the folks at ‘Long Paddock Cheese’ are here for us, too.

Popping up this week at The Mill in Castlemaine, ‘Long Paddock Cheese’ is offering fresh, artisan cows-milk cheese for all the cheese tragics out there. Oh and milk, yogurt and cream will be added to the menu soon, making it your one-stop-shop for all things dairy.

Lovingly crafted by French cheesemakers Ivan and Julie Larcher, each block, wedge and wheel has been perfected after months of practice at their soon-to-launch “cheese university”. Meaning not only are they honing their skills for our cheesy indulgence, but also for our cheesy education.

In what will be a world first, the crew are set to open a privately funded artisan cheesemaking school, aptly titled ‘The Cheese School’ come January. Under the guidance of the Larcher’s, regular folks and professionals alike can learn the practical and theoretical aspects of cheesemaking. Students will leave with a newfound appreciation for the dairy delights, as well as (you guessed it) their very own cheese.

The team, headed up by director Alison Lansley, hope to tackle the mass-produced cheddar monopoly currently at play in the Australian market and bring back the love of locally crafted fromage. Certainly, sharing the knowledge of good cheese can only be a good thing for both the industry and our taste buds. 

Course guidelines and timetables are set to be released very soon, but for now you can do your research over at the Long Paddock Cheese shop. Buy a couple of blocks, taste a couple more, and you’ll be floating off to cheesy heaven. We’ll see you there.

WHAT: Long Paddock Cheese opening
WHERE: The Mill, Castlemaine – 1/9 Walker Street
MORE INFO: The Cheese School