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Double Delicious


Double Delicious

May 25, 2022
Daily 5:00pm to 8:00pmShow Calendar

Combining food and theatre, five storyteller-cooks reveal the secrets of dishes that are significant in their lives, in this truly immersive and delicious theatrical experience for the senses!

The flavours and aromas of our favourite foods wind their way through the deepest recesses of our being, and even the thought of a particular meal can transport us back to a pivotal moment.

Storytellers including Benjamin Law, Heather Jeong, Valerie Berry and Raghav Handa channel this connection as they recreate their favourite dishes and reveal intimate glimpses into their lives. These are salty, sweet, sour and bitter stories from the heart, infused with memory and lived experience. Best of all, at the end of each story the audience tastes the dish, completing the experience of the story just revealed.

This critically acclaimed and heartwarming experience is set to tantalise all of the senses.

Tickets include a small sample of each of the five dishes cooked – including two vegan dishes.

The experience is on Wed, 25 & 26 May.

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