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Danielle Dalkin: The Plaster Conservatory

High Country

Danielle Dalkin: The Plaster Conservatory

High Country
February 1, 2024
Daily 10:00am to 5:00pmShow Calendar

Located in Mount Beauty, Danielle is a self-taught artist who plays with living materials, clay, and plaster to create unique dimensional images, digging beneath her feet to bring new perspectives to the surface. Using the medium plaster bas-relief, Danielle presents a curated collection of botanical Plaster Pills. Meticulously gathering flowers, herbs, and foliage, she presses them into a carefully prepared clay surface. When removed an impression is left in the clay, into which she pours plaster.

Image: Danielle DALKIN

Plaster Pills, 2023

Plaster bas-relief

10-11cm diameter 2cm depth

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